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Highest paying electric vehicle jobs

This is the jobs progression for the electric vehicle industry, starting from Engineer Product Development and Product Validation for motor, battery, power converter, brakes, etc. Read more...
last updated
September 20, 2023

EV is the new IT. It’s not an exaggeration to say that everyone will want to be in EV by the middle of this decade, just like being in IT was the in-thing in the previous one. As per IEA data, the EV industry is expected to create 60 million jobs, including 10 million direct jobs and another 50 million in-direct jobs that will be created to support EV makers and suppliers.

In fact, the latest World Economic Forum (WEF) Future of Jobs report says that autonomous and electric vehicle specialists are the most in-demand jobs in the world today, with over 40% growth expected over the next five years. Sustainability specialists are set to see a more than 30% growth rate.

But what kind of jobs are these, and which are the highest paying jobs in the EV industry? In a recent Masterclass, pManifold evACAD Co-founder and President Vikrant Vaidya explained the engineering jobs and career paths you can take in the EV industry.

This is the jobs progression for the electric vehicle industry, starting from Engineer - Product Development, Product Validation (motor, battery, power converter, brakes, etc.). 

The good news is that the increment in pay ranges from 45-50% for those who switch from ICE to electric vehicles at the lowest rung on this ladder, and the pay scales are only going to keep going up as the hunt for skilled and experienced EV professionals intensifies.

The difference in pay reduces for EV vs ICE as you move up the ladder, and is almost the same by the time you get to be a VP with over 30 years of experience earning between INR 70-100 lacs per annum in India.

In this post, we list for you the most in-demand electric vehicle jobs and commensurate pay scales being offered by companies that are urgently hiring to fill available vacancies for EV jobs.

1. Product development / Validation engineer jobs.

If you’re already an engineer in the automotive industry, you can switch to a product development / product validation engineer’s job working on electric vehicles. All you need is to upskill yourself on EV-specific technologies such as electric drivetrains, energy storage and management systems, controllers for the motor, safety, etc.

Pay scale (CTC): Rs. 11-15 lakhs annual salaryin India.

Experience: 3-6 years (for B.E.) and 6-12 years (for Diploma holders)

2. EV jobs for battery engineers.

The requirements for this role include an understanding of batteries and Battery Management Systems (BMS) used in electric vehicles, selecting the right batteries and integrating battery packs, and a basic knowledge of battery electro-chemistry.

Battery engineers are in high demand in all the major EV markets, including India, U.S. and China. Junior battery engineers are being offered salaries as high as $100,000 by Tesla, and a director position will command salaries twice as high. Battery executives in the C-suite can get close to $400,000. Battery simulation engineer’s average salary in the U.S. is $117,500.

Pay scale (CTC): Rs. 5.5 lakhs in India.

Experience: 2-9 years

3. Design Responsible Engineer, Application Engineer

Design Responsible Engineers (DREs) are completely responsible for their particular sub-system or component in terms of design, development, validation and integration. You will be working on the motor, battery, power converter, brakes, etc.

Pay scale (CTC): Rs. 20-30 lakhs in India.

Experience: 10 years

4. Electric vehicle technician jobs.

EV technicians need to have hands-on knowledge of electric vehicle assembling, conversion, and calibration in garages. These jobs are offering reasonable salaries in the U.S. for experienced vehicle electrical repair technicians. Electric engine mechanics in the U.S. make7 $85,487 per year on average.

Pay scale (CTC): Rs. 2-5 lakhs per year in India.

Experience: 2-9 years


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