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EVacad professionalEVacad professional

We at evACAD deliver impactful learning experiences through online modules, blended learning, and in-person programs. Our trainers & mentors are globally renowned EV experts with 150+ years of collective experience. Throughout our programs, the learners are guided through optimal avenues in the e-Mobility industry to upskill and develop talent for building a sustainable planet.

With our applied learning approach, our learners build credible industry-relevant skills across various domains of the e-Mobility industry, such as, product strategy, engineering, validation, deployment, operations, and safety from the perspective of employment, consulting, and entrepreneurship. 

We lay immense emphasis on learning by doing carefully designed assignments, activities, case studies, and projects. By the end of the program, the learners build a culminating, professionally-relevant portfolio that highlights the application of skill-based learning in order to stay relevant with the fast-changing times.  

Our Mission

Enabling professional growth in e-Mobility to build a sustainable planet and careers
evACAD mission
We believe in transforming the world through transforming your career for a better future.
We offer a world-class learning experience, as we bring forth a comprehensive curriculum designed for robust career progression in e-Mobility. We are shaping the bright minds of the world to build their career in the EV industry.

Meet our Mentors

Thrive with Globally Acclaimed EV Experts

We at EVacad have a panel of world’s renowned EV practitioners with 150+ years of combined Industry experience. Our EV experts deliver power-packed Live sessions and work closely with you on real-world projects to help accelerate your professional growth in the e-mobility industry.

Learn from the greatest minds of EV today to upskill, & master the latest EV technology. Grab this opportunity to transform your career & the world.

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Meet our Team

EVacad Rahul
Rahul Bagdia
Chairman and Managing Director
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EVacad Vikrant Vaidya
Vikrant Vaidya
EVacad Komal Vora
Kamal Vora
EVacad Hemant Saxena
Hemant Saxena
Vice President – Strategy and Co-Creation
EVacad Raghavendra
Raghavendra Puranam
Chief Operating Officer

Our Story

pmanifold logo
pManifold Group incorporated
Incorporated in 2010, pManifold Group commenced as a Strategic Research and Consulting company that enables Smart and Clean Tech Market development and growth in Energy; e-Mobility; Solar; LVDC; Enviro, and Urban sectors. Our parent company has served 90+ clients across 10+ countries and 10+ states in India with a talented team having extensive industry experience across business research, consulting, project finance, and outsourcing.
pManifold delivered Workshops to Key Decision Makers, Industry Associations, and OEMs
pManifold had organized and conducted a strategic training workshop for key management of the leading oil industry on evaluating strategic business opportunities around EVs, electric vehicle charging infra domain, opportunities for SMEs in electric vehicle area, etc. To spread knowledge, create awareness, and help develop better understanding about EVs, pManifold conducted a full day workshop for various industry associations like Energy professional association, Solar EPC association, Automotive dealers’ association, Regional Industry association, etc. A niche training workshop was organized to help OEMs understand specific EV sub-components and their effective system integration.
pManifold conducted a largest Training Need Assessment in India for State Transport Undertakings with GIZ
pManifold had conducted stakeholder consultations in 7 cities of India and 1 international city (Shenzhen, China) with key stakeholders to understand their experiences, issues & challenges faced during planning and deployments and pre-requisite for e-bus deployment and operation. pManifold had prepared the TNA framework indicating existing skill gaps, competencies required, key performance indicators, etc.
pManifold delivered 220+ consulting including 50+ e-Mobility projects, and conducted 300+ webinars over 10 years
Driven by consistent performance, pManifold Group has delivered 220+ consulting and 50+ e-Mobility projects across all the phases of Product/Technology development in India, ASEAN countries, the USA, Europe, and others. From Idea Generation, Designing, Policy advocacy, Techno-commercial feasibility, and Commercialization, our parent company continues to help industries and organizations to innovate and transform their business models for higher customer experience and profitable market growth. 
pManifold launched evACAD with ‘Electric Vehicle Systems Engineering’ as the 1st training program
pManifold tapped the opportunity to expand into Edutech in 2020. With this, evACAD was launched by the pioneers of the e-Mobility industry on 16th July 2020, embodied with global e-Mobility experts with 150+ years of cumulative experience, having access to the latest industry technology and a knowledge bank to deliver both theoretical and practical expertise. At our core, we contribute to talent and skill development to build a sustainable planet. 
Launched 2 new programs on ‘e-Bus Planning’ and ‘Battery Modeling’
Moving ahead, evACAD has launched 2 new training programs at once. Its ‘e-Bus System Planning & Optimization’ is globally unique and the most appreciated program has up-skilled 50+ professionals coming from 12 different countries. This program has helped them upskill and build confidence in the area of fleet planning for public transportation. Another ‘Battery Modeling & Simulation’ program has supported learners building skills on virtual modeling of battery unit cells and packs for various applications.
Launched a program on EV Fleet Planning for e-Commerce applications
Considering the need of EV awareness for first-, mid-, and last-mile applications, evACAD had launched a new program named ‘EV Performance Planning for e-Commerce & Freight Delivery’. This has helped fleet planners to get a real life idea of EV fleets for last-mile applications, infrastructure dependencies, performance parameters, etc.
Started a new program on e-Truck Engineering
evACAD had developed and launched a dedicated program to give an in-detail learning of electric truck subsystems, function, and integration. This has also helped learners to get introduced with the various applications of electric trucks and their TCO models.
Launch of Garage program for Vehicle Electrification
Considering the market demand for conversion of conventional vehicles into electric powertrains, evACAD had launched a 6-month long Hybrid program on Vehicle Retrofitment. This program is actually an advanced version of EV Systems Engineering program which allows candidates to actually implement their virtual systems engineering knowledge to convert an ICE to PEV. We had used a 1960’s Volkswagon Beetle car for this program.
Became ‘Adjunct – Professor of Practice’ (Mechanical Engineering), Centre of Excellence for Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Integration, VNIT Nagpur
Trainers at evACAD have started working with Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur and are supporting the institution to develop and deliver a minor program in electrical engineering with specialization in electric vehicles. This includes 3 courses which help the students to understand the dynamics of electro-mechanical systems, concepts of control systems and power electronics, and electric drive systems for different traction applications of electric vehicles.
Conducted Webinar on Safety in e-Mobility
Considering most safety-related incidents happening in electric two-wheelers in India, pManifold had organized a webinar on ‘How to make EVs safer?’. This has helped EV enthusiasts to know and understand various safety aspects around design of EVs, overall operation, use cases, etc.
Developed & Delivered Customized training program for Detroit Diesel (Daimler)
evACAD had developed and delivered a 20 hours long training program to the technical team of Daimler’s Detroit Diesel team. This has helped them to get introduced with various new EV technologies.
Celebrating pManifold Group & evACAD anniversary
2022 embarks a momentous year as our parent company, pManifold Group completes a heroic 12 years of being the global market leader as strategic consultants in the e-Mobility industry. While we at evACAD celebrate our 2nd successful year as the most reputed e-Mobility educational platform for automobile enthusiasts, working professionals, entrepreneurs and fresh graduates, etc.
Expanded to 15+ certificate programs with the Launch of ‘Applied EV Design & Integration’
By this time, we have completed a total of 15+ certificate programs covering in-demand topics like Applied EV Design, e-Bus planning, e-Mobility for leaders, e-Commerce and freight Transportation, and more. These programs help learners across the globe to gain real-world industry perspectives and upskill to tap better opportunities in the EV industry.
In 2022, 5K+ learners upskilled from more than 30 countries
With our applied learning programs, 5,000+ learners from more than 30+ countries gained industry led knowledge through our comprehensive curriculum, cohered with an understanding of engineering, product, deployment, and strategy in e-Mobility.  
Our learners can directly engage with the world’s top EV mentors and network with peers from around the world while working alongside real-time industry projects.
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